Ancient water wins taste test

Barcaldine Regional Council has taken out the 2015 Ixom Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test at the Queensland Water Directorate’s second annual Innovation Forum on Thursday, 5 November with the ancient water from the Great Artesian Basin selected as the best by conference delegates through more than 300 individual “tastes.”

Barcaldine Regional Council delivers water and sewage services to the five small towns of Alpha, Aramac, Barcaldine, Jericho and Muttaburra.

Barcaldine Mayor Rob Chandler said the Taste Test was a great opportunity for Council’s staff to be recognised for the superb job they do in providing top quality water to its residents.

“Council would not be accepting this Award had it not been for the efforts of the team in Barcaldine. Thanks also to the Outback Regional Water Alliance who has assisted many outback Councils with their water services.”

“The Award shows that western Queensland not only has great attractions but also great water, sourced from the Great Artesian Basin.”

The taste test is about more than just how good the water tastes but also to help inform the community about how much effort goes into providing quality drinking water – an essential, sustainable service provided 24/7 by the staff of our local water utilities.

As usual in the state finals, the results were very close and Barcaldine narrowly pipped Livingstone to take the honours.

Barcaldine will take on the NSW winner in the fourth Water of Origin Taste Test to be held at the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia Conference in 2016. Queensland has beaten NSW for two years in a row with water from Richmond and Bundaberg beating NSW winners Orange and Bega Valley respectively.

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