Manhole Monday

There is something eerie lurking beneath our feet in cities and towns across the world. It’s not something we like to think about, but it’s something we cannot live without. Access to this underworld is [...]

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Get your water on tap

In a bid to fight the growing issue of plastic pollution, not-for-profit organisation Healthy Waterways has released the trial of a revolutionary new initiative, Water on Tap® - the first vending machine in Australia to [...]

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Cooperation is key for campaign

  “We've got to put a lot of money into changing behaviour” – Bill Gates.   Marketing campaigns can be extremely costly – Sydney Water recently spent $1.5 million on their very successful tap campaign! [...]

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There’s nothing quite like a weekend on a remote island to make one appreciate the magic of a flushing toilet! No doubt like many of you, we enjoy spending weekends and school holidays roughing it [...]

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  Launching on a very wet Clean Up Australia Day! In tune with the United Nation’s International Year of Water Cooperation, qldwater on tap joined with Queensland Urban Utilities, Healthy Waterways, Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C), [...]

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