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“We’ve got to put a lot of money into changing behaviour” – Bill Gates.  

Marketing campaigns can be extremely costly – Sydney Water recently spent $1.5 million on their very successful tap campaign! But most councils and water service providers just don’t have that sort of money to throw around, and this is where partnerships with schools, universities and community organisations can help.

The qldwater on tap campaign was keen to try different ways to reduce costs while at the same time providing students with hands on experience in an educational campaign, and as a result we’ve secured some funky new marketing collateral.

Graphic design students from Central Queensland University were asked to produce a design portfolio for the qldwater on tap campaign, including an editorial spread, web banner and a poster.

The design brief included an outline of the campaign goal: to find a fun way to promote tap water as a healthier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to stay hydrated.

Course Coordinator Ms Regina Luan said the students enjoyed working on a genuine campaign that provided real life experience.

Involving students in the qldwater on tap campaign not only provided experience to the students, but was another way to promote the key messages of the campaign to the younger generation in our effort to build water wise communities.

Water service providers have done a great job in keeping a low profile, mysteriously working in the background to ensure the ongoing sustainable and affordable supply of water to every single person in Queensland.

The qldwater on tap campaign aims to make the water industry more visible to our communities so we can all make more informed decisions about the health, financial and environmental benefits of choosing our water on tap.

We hope that our campaign partners will build similar relationships in their communities, whether it involves university students designing marketing collateral or working with community groups to beautify water infrastructure.  There are many ways we can all work together to ensure a safe, secure and sustainable urban water industry – something we all want and need.

Congratulations to the following students, whose winning designs have secured them a qldwater on tap prize pack, including a t-shirt and water bottle.

Poster and Editorial: Alyce Magnussen

Web Banner: Jessica Pepper

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