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Water dripping from tap

about qldwater on tap

qldwater on tap is a campaign initiated by the Queensland Water Directorate (qldwater) to promote the quality of drinking water in Queensland and build awareness of the urban water industry in the communities it serves.

We want to celebrate water. You can join us by visiting our hydration station at public events, learning from our education resources, and always carrying your reusable water bottle with you so you can stay hydrated the sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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People standing on dam wall

Follow the pipeline…

There are lots of personal preferences for water flavour, but the way your water tastes depends largely on where your water comes from and how it is treated.

The main sources of our water in Queensland are rivers (around three quarters) and groundwater. Australia has around 500 big dams collecting water from rivers and streams.

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Panel judging the Best of the Best Water Taste Test finals

qldwater on tap events

qldwater is working with its members, government departments and other like-minded organisations to promote tap water to all Queensland communities.

As part of these events, we are again hosting the Orica Australia Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test to find the best tasting tap water in Queensland.

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In Australia, tap water undergoes strict monitoring to ensure it complies with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. The standard of our tap water is heavily regulated and our water service providers have to check and report on the safety of our water every day.

[tab id=2]Australians spend almost $600 million per year on bottled water! Imagine if all this money could be used to install more bubblers and taps in community areas so we can always refill our reusable water bottles wherever we go.[/tab]
[tab id=3]Keep Australia Beautiful organisers list plastic bottles as one of the ten most collected items on Clean Up Australia Day, with an estimated 425 million PET bottles ending up in landfill. [/tab]



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Tap is simply a smarter choice


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