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Who has the best tasting tap water in Queensland?

Panel judging the Best of the Best Water Taste Test finals

Panel judging the Best of the Best Water Taste Test finals at the WIOA Conference 2012.

qldwater is working with its members, government departments and other like-minded organisations to promote tap water to all Queensland communities.

As part of these events, we are again hosting the Ixom Best of the Best Queensland Water Taste Test to find the best tasting tap water in Queensland. The taste test event will take place at the qldwater Innovation Forum on Wednesday, 14 September 2016.

Now in its sixth year, the taste test is a great way to promote the quality of our tap water here in Queensland.

Previous winners include:

2015: Barcaldine Regional Council
Known as the Garden City of the West, Barcaldine’s water is sourced from the Great Artesian Basin and supplied by two bores at a temperature of about 47°C. No treatment is needed to comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. As an open ended system, water runs into two storage reservoirs which overflows into Lagoon Creek.

2014: Richmond Shire Council
After years of complaints from Richmond residents about the odour and staining from the iron and manganese in their water, Council secured funding from the State Government to install a first class water treatment plant. Water from the pilot plant was selected as the top drop in 2014, continuing on a winning streak to take out the 2015
Water of Origin against NSW.

2013: Cook Shire Council
Cooktown gets its water from the Annan River from where alum, soda ash and polymer are added before going to a sedimentation tank and through sand filters. They inject lime and CO2 to make the water less corrosive and to correct the PH, then chlorine is added to disinfect the water.

2012: Burdekin Shire Council
Burdekin promotes itself as being built on liquid gold, with an underground aquifer that contains over 20 million megalitres of water (about 40 times the amount of water in the Sydney Harbour). Water is pumped from the aquifer to treatment facilities where the water is both aerated and chlorinated before being supplied under pressure to the distribution network for consumption.

2011: Barcoo Shire Council
2011 saw the inaugural qldwater water taste test and awarding of a highly-coveted trophy to the Water Service Provider with the best tasting public drinking water. The winner was Barcoo Shire Council for the Jundah potable water supply.


Other Australian States have now started their own competitions, and 2013 saw the first Water of Origin taste-off between Queensland and NSW. In June 2014, Bundaberg beat the 2014 NSW winner in the second Water of Origin competition at the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia Conference.

While the taste test is a lot of fun, its ultimate aim is to get the community thinking about where their water comes from, how it is treated an how that affects the taste of the water.