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Do you share our passion for tap?  Then sponsor an event!

Public event sponsorship packages:

By setting up taste test stations in community areas with high visibility and lots of foot traffic, we can demonstrate to our communities that tap water tastes just as good as bottled water, that it is safe, costs a fraction of the price, that it is far less energy intensive than producing, transporting and refrigerating bottled water and produces much less waste.

Through our public events, we aim to celebrate water and raise awareness of the water industry. The events are based on the highly successful Community Based Social Marketing strategies to ensure water service providers engage directly with their communities and establish effective two-way symmetrical communications.

Sponsoring a qldwater on tap public event shows that the Queensland water industry is working together to ensure the ongoing, sustainable supply of quality water to every single person in Queensland at an affordable rate.

Sponsorship is available on different levels:

In-kind Sponsorship includes:

  • Co-branding opportunities for all qldwater on tap marketing collateral including reusable water bottles, t-shirts, logo, banners, posters, A4 template to be used for targeted education materials/infographics for each region;
  • Third party endorsement of local water service providers;
  • Social media links through the qldwater on tap Facebook page.
  • Generous publicity through an intense educational/awareness media campaign with local radio stations, local suburban newspapers / magazines, television and specialist media to inform the local community of public water issues in their regions.

Water Bottle Holder Public Event Sponsorship ($5,000) includes:

  • Interesting stall furniture made from recycled materials (mainly old plastic bottles and bottle caps)
  • Community artist to work with children to produce water bottle holders from recycled materials (CQ Community Artist Sheree Dearden has successfully done this at numerous community events. She also makes “green bling” jewellery from plastic bottles, murals to beautify ugly old water infrastructure, and a huge range of other community arts projects – talk to us to modify this part to suit your needs!)

Optional Extras:

Sponsor a Bubbler ($5,500)

One of the main barriers to change for the community is limited access to water fountains. This sponsorship package includes one Aquafil Water Refill Station allowing full colour graphics to educate and promote environmental sustainability.
Unveiling your bubbler offers a great opportunity for a taste test event and to promote the campaign in general.

Sponsor a Water Trailer (cost TBC)

Providing tap water at community events is another great way to promote tap, and following in the footsteps of a few Councils in Victoria and WA, Unitywater have invested in a water trailers to use at community events.

The trailers are offered for free use at community events but can also be hired by the public for other events. The advertising panel offers great scope to promote sponsors and/or the campaign in general.

We are awaiting quotes for similar trailers to be locally built and modified in Queensland.

Beautify ugly water infrastructure (cost TBC)

Commissioning artists to do community artworks on often unsightly water infrastructure is another great way to reach a captive audience.

A number of Councils have used art to connect with the community. Moura recently commissioned artists Josh Cleary and Sheree Dearden to work with children in the local community to produce this great mural on a local water tower.

Moura Water Tower