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Project Description

Fatberg Ahoy!

yuk fat in pipes

Hot oil may sizzle and slide nicely down the kitchen sink but it wreaks havoc as it cools down and starts sticking to the sides of pipes. This requires a lot of water – as well as electricity, time and money – to fix, so it’s best to avoid the problem at the source.

What can you do?

To save yourself and your Council money, think at the sink!

Once it has cooled down, pour oils, fats and grease in a jar which can be sealed and disposed of in the rubbish bin. Keep a container under the sink where it’s easy to find, and keep reusing it until it’s full.

Wipe any residual cooking oil in pots and pans with a paper towel before washing them.

Traditionally, bacon grease and other oils used to be stored on the stovetop and reused for cooking. Nowadays it can be refrigerated and reused, so if you don’t feel comfortable binning your oils, have a go at reusing!

old glas jar with discarded oil and fat
sink with old jar underneath

Every little bit helps…

Did you know?

  • Fatbergs have become a costly and unpleasant issue to deal with for service providers all across the world.

  • The name fatberg was coined in London where a fatberg of oil combined with wet wipes and other nasties grew to the size of a bus before it broke an underground sewer.