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Is your lawn drinking you dry?

Meet Bradley the Lawn Tamer

Townsville City Council developed an amusing yet informative series that brings the expert to your screen – meet Bradley the Lawn Tamer.

The Lawn Tamer’s Top Tips

  • Water no more than twice a week in the dry and never when it’s wet
  • Good soils are the key to a healthy lawn
  • Use your catcher in the wet and make the most of your clippings in the dry
  • Choosing the right turf can save you up to 13 Sundays a year
  • Let the rain do the heavy lifting and turn your irrigation off when it’s wet.

See your local nursery for tips to tame your lawn, or visit the Queensland Government website for more tips on lawn care.

Every little bit helps…

Did you know?

  • Short periods without water will encourage your lawn to grow slower – train your lawn to be satisfied with one good soak per week when it’s dry.

  • Using some lawn space to grow fruit and vegetables instead can save money at the surpermarket and time behind the mower.

  • To reduce water loss from evaporation, water your lawn at night using a low flow sprinkler.