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How to spot a leaky loo

Money down the pan - how to detect a toilet leak

While dripping taps are easy to detect, a leaking loo is less obvious to see. Follow these easy steps to see if your cistern has a leak.

Instructions - how to drop food colour into your cistern

Do not flush! Wait 15 minutes.

15 min

Check if the colour has leaked through.

Instructions - how to drop food colour into your cistern

If the dye has trickled through and coloured your water in the base your cistern has a leak. Contact a licensed plumber to help you fix the problem.

Don’t forget to flush the toilet a couple of times to prevent the colour from staining your bowl.

Every little bit helps…

Did you know?

  • Leaking toilets can waste more than 60,000 litres of water per year.

  • At Mackay Regional Council, where smart meters have been installed, around 2-3% of properties have leaks at any given time.  These vary from a few litres (dribbling toilet) to over 1,000 litres per hour. The average leak lost is around 30 litres per hour. While individual leaks may not account for large volumes of water lost, there is a cumulative impact. Early detection and notification of leaks can result in significant savings.

  • If you have a single flush toilet, you can adjust the flush volume by putting a water displacement device like a brick or water filled plastic bottle in your cistern.

  • Older toilets can use more than five times as much water as top rated dual flush toilets. If your toilet has seen better days, invest in a new model with a four-star efficiency rating.

  • For more information, visit the DEWS Waterwise website.