Waterwise Tips

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Project Description

A waterwise garden – beauty beyond cacti and spikes

For many people the term “waterwise garden” conjures images of spiky cacti or sappy succulents, but it doesn’t have to be that way!
Smart garden designs using locally relevant native plant species can result in lush and leafy havens at your own home. Get the lowdown on the best plants for your soil type by visiting your local nursery.

waterwise garden

Armstrong Gardens, Toowoomba (pictured above) use the principles of colour, harmony and textural contrast using low-water plants.

Demonstration gardens are growing in popularity – Gladstone Regional Council’s latest addition to the Goondoon Botanical Gardens contains nine demonstration gardens of various sizes and styles to showcase how plants of the Port Curtis region can work in home gardens.

The Queensland Gardening website hosts a collection of news, information, resources and ideas of interest to gardeners in Queensland. See if you can find any community gardens in your region to help select the best plants and turn your garden from drab to fab.

Every little bit helps…

Did you know?

  • Thorough but infrequent watering encourages plants to develop deep root systems, giving them inbuilt drought protection.

  • Don’t over-water, as waterlogged soil supports bacteria and fungi, which cause disease to plants.

  • Wilting or leaf curling on your plants or lawns indicates that it’s time to water.

  • Contact your local nursery for waterwise garden information, or try this online plant selector.