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Over the past three decades the Government has initiated a lot of reforms in Queensland and our water industry is quite complex compared to the local government managed water services of the past.

At the moment there are over 70 urban water utilities in Queensland. Most are local governments or local government-owned businesses along with a few small service providers and water boards.  Queensland also has two “Category 1” water boards, namely Gladstone Area Water Board and Mt Isa Water Board.

Some of these organisations outsource some of their work to private companies.

So for the most part, your residential water supply will be looked after by your council or an organisation your council owns either fully or partially.  The state government looks after most, but not all, bulk water including dams.  The Department of Energy and Water Supply is the main state government agency responsible for the supply of water and making sure everyone is doing the right job.  Environment and Heritage Protection is the state department looking after what comes out the other end.

Coming soon:  Links to all Queensland Water Service Providers.